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BioTrek is The Science Outreach Program of the Biotechnology Center of UW-Madison and of UW-Extension.


BioTrek engages the public in the outreach mission of the University by providing tours and workshops at the Biotechnology Center on the UW-Madison campus, and workshops anywhere in Wisconsin.

Connecting you to the Science Outreach Resources of UW-Madison.


"Making the Campus Your Destination for Exploration!"

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A public science presentation every Wednesday Night, 50 Times a Year, 7 PM at the Genetics/Biotech Center, 425 Henry Mall. It's free, with parking in Lot 20.


For more on science outreach at UW-Madison, see

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The New Constellation Seminar: See how four new building projects (the "New Constellation") on campus will make UW-Madison a Destination for Exploration.


We also do Workshops and Inservices anywhere in Wisconsin for:

  • Teachers
  • Students of any age
  • 4-H and other Cooperative Extension groups
  • Community Clubs
  • Afterschool Groups
  • Any Interested Group

BioTrek's mission is "Sharing Science With Wisconsin."


BioTrek's goal is to cultivate science savvy: To transform how people view and do science, and to enable people to use science better in making personal choices, in forming public policies, and in making decisions in the face of uncertainty.


BioTrek's approach has a strong focus on the nature of science and on epistemology, the branch of philosophy that asks "what is knowable and what is not knowable?" BioTrek encourages learners of all ages to consider "What is science? How is science different from other ways of knowing?"


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