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Basic Briefing

  1. Science Expeditions is a month-long series of science outreach events on Campus for the general public, first held in April, 2003 and scheduled for April 2004.
  2. Our goal is to welcome people to come explore the campus and experience science as a way of probing the unknown. Science Expeditions underscores the university's outreach tradition of "Sharing Science with Wisconsin."
  3. Science Expeditions is a perennial event, and builds on the experience gained through the Sesquicentennial Open House in 1999 and the Campus Open House in 2000.
  4. Venue Matters. In its second year, Science Expeditions will focus on projecting an even clearer picture of the people, places and programs on campus dedicated to sharing science with the public in communities across Wisconsin.
  5. We will also help organize a limited number of new special events in April 2004.
  6. Researchers and outreachers of all flavors are encouraged to participate. For information on including a science outreach event scheduled for April 2004 for promotion as part of Science Expeditions 2004, please contact Tom Zinnen at 608 265 2420 or Ken Smith at 608 262 8637. (From bench to field, from ingenuity to imagination, from controlled experiment to bioethics, all aspects of science and science outreach are welcome.)
  7. A key building block of several of the events will be Exploration Stations. Exploration Stations are self-contained science outreach booths/displays/demonstrations that focus on participatory informal learning. Visitors to exploration stations are encouraged to feel, touch, smell, handle, manipulate, view, hear and otherwise use their senses to encourage engagement. For a briefing on Exploration Stations, follow the link.
  8. Get updates and information on how you can participate in Science Expeditions 2003 at http://www.science.wisc.edu....
  9. ....or sign up now to be on our mailing list.
For more information, contact Tom Zinnen at 608/265-2420 or zinnen@biotech.wisc.edu; or Ken Smith at 608/262-8637 or kennethsmith@wisc.edu; or see http://www.science.wisc.edu
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