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Science Expeditions, a month long series of UW-Madison campus science outreach events, first held in April 2003, will be held again in April 2004. This is where you get on our mailing list, volunteer to participate in events, get up-to-date on the event planning process, and enroll yourself our your department or group to put on an event as part of Science Expeditions.
One way of looking at Science Expeditions is as a massive publicity effort bundling public science outreach events together in a big enough package so the public will notice. The public website for Science Expeditions, and its sponsoring umbrella organization, Science Alliance, is http://www.science.wisc.edu . This is the planning site.
Science Expeditions underscores the university's outreach tradition. Science Expeditions shares new scientific research and insights with people of all ages through hands-on demonstrations and interactive exhibits that enable participants to share in the thrill of discovery. Several departments open their buildings to the public for a day or more during Science Expeditions month, as part of this campus-wide communications effort.
The month-long event affirms UW-Madison's commitment the Wisconsin Idea by coordinating researchers and outreachers to give the public greater access to science programs on campus and in their communities.
All researchers or outreachers in any field related to the sciences are invited to participate in Science Expeditions 2004. From bench to field, from ingenuity to imagination, from controlled experiment to bioethics – all aspects of science and science outreach are welcome.
Modest funding is available for events and activities that welcome the general public. In addition, University Communications will market all Science Expeditions 2004 events to ensure extensive promotion to the communities in the Madison area.
See the January 15, 2003 Wisconsin Week story on Science Expeditions. Also, you may want to view the Baldwin Grants story, for information on several other new science outreach initiatives.
For more information, contact Tom Zinnen at 608/265-2420 or Ken Smith at 608/262-8637 or see http://www.science.wisc.edu
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