Peptide Synthesis

Peptide synthesizer

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NEW:  Instant peptides!  We now carry FLAG peptide (DYKDDDDK) for IMMEDIATE pick up.

1 mg ≥ 70% pure Flag peptide: $23.20 within UW
1 mg ≥ 95% pure Flag peptide: $29.70 within UW
5 mg ≥ 70% pure Flag peptide: $74.40 within UW
5 mg ≥ 95% pure Flag peptide: $106.90 within UW system

Please email us with your name, PI, and grant number (billing information for non-UW).  We will have the peptide waiting for you to pick up!  Have another peptide that many people use?  Please email us and we will consider making the sequence an instant peptide with prices less than many other sources.

Other services:
  • Custom peptide synthesis - including biotin, fluorescent markers, stable isotopes, cyclic peptides and many more
  • Conjugation of antigenic peptides to proteins for antibody creation
  • Peptide characterization by HPLC and amino acid analysis
  • Training on our peptide synthesis instruments at a reduced cost but increased time commitment
  • Other:  Melissa is available on Thursdays between 9 am and 10 am in room 2340 Biotechnology to answer questions or other times via appointment.

Synthetic peptides are furnished cleaved and deprotected as lyophilized powders in 2 weeks (or less).  We will email you when your peptide can be picked up.