In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)


  • Introduction

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a form of assisted reproduction technology by which superovulated oocytes are fertilized with either fresh or frozen sperm in vitro. IVF can be used to rescue lines that have stopped breeding or to establish lines from frozen sperm samples. Briefly, eggs and sperm are co-incubated overnight and resulting two-cell embryos transferred into pseudopregnant recipients. Mice are born 19 days later and transferred to the investigator’s colony at weaning.


  • Getting Started

Please contact Kathy Krentz to discuss details.  If you plan to obtain frozen sperm from a repository, please have frozen samples shipped directly to Kathy.


  • IVF:

  1. Oocytes: Labs will need to provide 8-10 young (21-27 day old females) for superovulation. These can be colony raised or purchased through vendors. If purchased through a vendor, females are delivered to the Biotechnology Center and TAF will superovulate them. If colony raised, the lab is responsible for giving IP injections of hormones around 8pm on a given schedule.
  2. Fresh sperm: For lines that need rescuing, one male breeder (preferred) is delivered to TAF on the morning of the IVF. TAF will sacrifice him and assess sperm quality. If motility is >25%, sperm is used for IVF and excess cryopreserved if the lab requests.
  3. Frozen sperm: Sperm will be thawed via instructions from the repository. If the instructions suggest using media not typically used, TAF will make the solution and charge the investigator ($75/hr). Frozen samples are thawed on the morning of the IVF.


  • Disclaimer:

The success of the IVF is dependent on the mouse strain, sperm motility, sperm counts, post-thaw motility and egg quality.

  • Fees:


In Vitro Fertilization with Embryo Transfer (mouse):                                            

 IVF + 1 transfer    $660
 IVF + 2 transfer    $745
 IVF + 3 transfer    $835

Plus cost of 10 females for oocytes

In Vitro Fertilization with Embryo Transfer (mouse):
IVF + 1 transfer $345
IVF + 2 transfers $465
IVF + 3 transfers $585
IVF + 4 transfers $705
Plus cost of 10 females for oocytes