UWBC Events Calendar Help

What's this calendar for anyway?
The purpose of this calendar is for:

  • - Announcement of biotechnology events
  • - Reservation of rooms at the Biotechnology Center

So, all these events are going on at the Biotech Center?
No, only some events listed take place in the Biotechnology Center but some may be occurring at other locations on the UW Madison campus or beyond. Check the event's details to find out where the event is taking place.

I don't care about announcing an event. I just want to reserve a room!
To reserve a UWBC room, either the Auditorium or Conference Room 1360, you will need to register on this site and contact us with your billing information. After this is done, UWBC rooms will be added to your list of locations when adding an event. If you are unsure of whether you have reserved a room, select the option to View UWBC Room Availability from the top menu. If your reservation is not listed here, the room is not reserved! If you would rather not have your event announced on our weekly email and the front page of our website, you will have the option to not publish your event to the calendar.

I already order services from the Biotechnology Center. Do I still need to register?
If you have already been given a password for ordering other UWBC services, you may use your email address and this password here.

My question isn't even close to being answered. What do I do now?
If you need further assistance, please contact Biotech Webmaster.