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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Genome Center of Wisconsin


Chemical and Synthetic Biology:

Chemical or Synthetic Biology refers to the manipulation, optimization, and design of biological systems with the goal of engineering novel biological functions.  Nanotechnology and small-molecule chemistry is used to chemically manipulate gene regulatory networks, create genes and genomes from chemical building blocks, and identify the ‘minimal genome’ of bacteria through systematic gene deletions.

Researchers:  Aseem AnsariChris HittingerDavid C. SchwartzLloyd SmithMichael Sussman

Computational, Mathematical, & Statistical Biology:

Analyzing the massive datasets that emerge from genomic and proteomic technology requires sophisticated methods of data analysis to extract biological insights.  Integration of computational, mathematical, and statistical analysis with data collection is imperative to genomic research.  Members of the GCW specialize in machine learning and Bayesian analysis of large biological datasets, mathematical modeling of biological systems, and biostatistical analysis of complex genomic and proteomic data.

Researchers:  Colin DeweyKarl BromanCorinne EnglemanAudrey GaschChris Hittinger, Sunduz KelesDavid PageBret PayseurNicole PernaJude ShavlikAmir AssadiGheorghe CraciunMark CravenChristina KendziorskiMichael NewtonAnn PalmenbergBrian Yandell

Genome Biology & Evolution:

As more and more genome sequences become available, many insights into organismal evolution can be gleaned by comparing the sequence, structure, and organization of genetic information.  Research in the GCW is focused on understanding the process and consequences of genome rearrangement, lateral gene transfer, alterations in gene content, and evolution of regulatory sequences encoded in genomes. 

Researchers:   Colin DeweyAudrey GaschChris HittingerBret PayseurNicole PernaDavid C. Schwartz

Proteomics & Structural Genomics:

Exploring protein structure, function, and protein interactions. 

Researchers:  Lloyd SmithMichael SussmanJosh CoonJohn Markley

Systems Biology & Functional Genomics:

A major goal of genomics is to understand the function of every gene encoded in a given genome and to realize how all proteins function together to create a living organism.  Systems biology involves modeling complex biological systems, such as metabolic, proteomic, and gene-regulatory networks, in order to fully understanding and eventual predict and manipulate the output of biological systems.


Researchers:  Aseem AnsariKarl BromanAudrey GaschChris HittingerSunduz KelesPatrick KrysanBret PayseurNicole PernaDavid C. SchwartzLloyd SmithMichael SussmanJames A. ThomsonJo HandelsmanPatricia KileySally LeongBill ReznikoffAdel TalaatBernie Weisblum

Technology Innovation:

Developing new technology for the genomic era. 

Researchers:  David C. SchwartzLloyd SmithMichael SussmanDavid BeebeRobert BlickRobert HamersMax LagallyDan van der WeideChris Hittinger