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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Genome Center of Wisconsin

Research Training Opportunities for Predoctoral, Postdoctoral and Short-Term Trainees


Genomic Sciences Training Program

David C. Schwartz

Program Director

Fostering new paradigms for the biological sciences.

The Genomic Sciences Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to train the New Biologists, enabling them to gain strengths bridging multiple disciplines needed for an integrated approach to solving complex problems in genomics research. GSTP faculty trainers are in 14 different departments spanning physical, chemical, biological, and computational approaches.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has built on its core of genomic scientists in recent years and developed the Genomic Sciences Training Program for both predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows covering broad aspects of investigations into genomic science. A cluster hiring initiative in Genomic Science was recently completed and brought together outstanding faculty from a span of disciplines. A new building dedicated to genomic science and genetics was completed spring 2004, and was designed to foster collaborations and to project a tangible presence on campus. This program will train the next generation of genomicists in multiple disciplines. These disciplines include chemistry, engineering, computer science, biostatistics, genetics, biochemistry, molecular medicine and molecular biology.


Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine

Mark W. Craven

Program Director

The University of Wisconsin - Madison is proud to sponsor an interdisciplinary predoctoral and postdoctoral bioinformatics training program, funded by a grant from The National Library of Medicine, with additional support from the University of Wisconsin Graduate School and departments across campus.

The CIBM mission is to provide modern training for a new generation of researchers wishing to solve biomedical problems requiring strengths in both computational and biological science.

Ph. D. students who are eligible for this interdisciplinary training include those majoring in computer sciences, statistics, genetics, biochemistry, engineering, and other computational areas and biological science disciplines from five colleges across campus. By participating in the Computation and Informatics Training Program, computer scientists, statisticians, and engineers receive cross-disciplinary training in biological sciences. Similarly, biologists receive cross-disciplinary training in statistics, engineering and computational areas related to biomedical research problems.

Other Programs of Interest

Master of Science in Biotechnology

The University of Wisconsin - Madison has a wealth of training programs.  A list of the programs, and general information on graduate school admissions are provided below.

NIH Training Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Graduate School Admissions Information