Topics in Agricultural Biotechnology-Spring Semester 2009
Microbiology/Oncology 545 (1 credit) Call numbers: Micro 545 - #40060; Onc 545 - #57344

Instructors: Richard Burgess (Oncology), Sandra Austin-Phillips (UW Biotech Center)

Time: 12:05-12:55 P.M. Mondays

Place: Auditorium, Genetics/Biotechnology Center Building

This course is designed for senior undergraduates or first year graduate students. Lectures are on current topics in agricultural biotechnology by invited speakers who are leaders in their field. The course content will be divided into three main areas: Animal Biotechnology - improvement and disease prevention, Plant Biotechnology - improvement and disease prevention, Agricultural Production - enzymes, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, bioenergy. A previous course in biological sciences or consent of instructor is required. For those taking the course for credit, regular attendance, reading a paper a week, and a term paper will be required. For more information, contact Dick Burgess at 263-2635 or by email at The public is welcome to attend.


Lect# Date Title/Speaker
1 Jan. 26 Transgenic Alfalfa to Produce Enzymes for Environmentally Beneficial Processes
Sandra Austin-Phillips, UW Biotechnology Center
2 Feb. 2 Course Introduction; Overview of Agricultural Biotechnology
Richard Burgess, Oncology
3 Feb. 9 New Strategies to Replace Antibiotics in Animal Feed
Mark Cook, Animal Sciences
4 Feb. 16 BioEnergy Crops
Richard Amasino, Biochemistry
5 Feb. 23 Assessing Environmental Risks of Genetically Engineered Plants
Brent McCown, Director, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
6 Mar. 2 Using the Arabidopsis Genome Model to Understand Plant Biology
Pat Krysan, Horticulture
7 Mar. 9 Plant-Microbe Symbiotic Associations in the Rhizosphere
Jean-Michel Ane, Agronomy
7 Mar. 16 No lecture - Spring Break
7 Mar. 23 Biocontrol of Pests and Pathogens in Agriculture and Forestry
Jo Handelsman, Bacteriology
7 Mar. 30 Using Biotechnology to Develop Plants with Increased Pathogen Resistance
Dennis Halterman, Plant Pathology
7 Apr. 6 Biotechnology and Potato Production
Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathology
7 Apr. 13 Applications of Cloned Animals in Biomedical Research
Gabriela Cezar, Animal Science
7 Apr. 20 Biotechnology Approaches to Orchard Protection
Patricia McManus, Plant Pathology
7 Apr. 27 To be annnounced
7 May 4 Plant Biotechnology in 4000 BC
John Doebley, Genetics