Dan Hummel picture

Dr. Dan Hummel, Ph.D.
DPAA Historian in Residence
Department of History

Dan G. Hummel graduated in 2016 with a PhD in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since then, he has been a research fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation (Harvard University, 2016-17) and the Institute for Research in the Humanities (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2017-18). His forthcoming book, Covenant Brothers: Evangelicals, Jews, and U.S.-Israeli Relations (University of Pennsylvania Press, forthcoming 2019), tells the story of the Christian Zionist movement and its rise to influence in shaping American diplomatic, military, and political commitments to the state of Israel. More broadly, Hummel’s scholarly interests include modern U.S. political history, religious nationalism, the Arab-Israeli wars, and counter-terrorism. He also holds a B.A. and M.A. from Colorado State University.