Historical Photography:

National Collection of Aerial Photography


The National Collection of Aerial Photography is one of the largest collections of aerial imagery in the world, containing tens of millions of images featuring historic events and places around the world.


WWII Aircraft Consultation and Blueprints:

AirCorps Aviation


AirCorps Aviation specializes in the restoration, maintenance, and rebuilding of vintage WWII aircraft, which include plane blueprints, consultation and a passion for WWII aircraft like no other! 


WWI and WWII Historian/Interpreter:

Ms. Danielle Roubroeks


Region: Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and specifically the north of France and west of Germany.

“Living in Belgium I am a passionate WWI - WWII historian doing extensive research into mainly American and Commonwealth soldiers that are buried or commemorated in Europe.  I try to piece together their military life, this is hard but very rewarding work, sometimes it takes years to write one bio but its worth so much to their families. Behind every name on a headstone or on a wall of the missing has its own story.

I work also as a volunteer photographer for the British War Graves and Australian War Graves Project and therefore attend all the ceremonies from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the rededication and burial services.

I also adopted several American and Australian war graves, attend the memorial ceremonies, put flowers a few times a year so you could say I am the connection between the families back home that will never be able to visit their relatives last resting place and the soldier buried in Europe.”