Bioinformatics Resource Center


The Bioinformatics Resource Center (BRC) is a facility within the UW Biotechnology Center (UWBC) that is dedicated to assisting researchers with their data analysis needs. We have knowledge and experience with a variety of common sequencing related projects, DNA-seq, ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, 16S metagenomics, and small RNA analyses. We are supported by a number of different labs and departments that require advanced support and new workflow development. Additionally, we offer consultation and computation using established pipelines. See our policies page for more information.


  • Standard Pipelines:   The BRC offers standardized data processing pipelines for common genomic workflows using a fee-for-service model. These general pipelines are intended to process the data into a more usable format so that researchers can more quickly interpret the results and preform advanced analysis.
  • Servers/Software:      BRC provides access to Linux servers with a BRC account. Common bioinformatics packages are pre-installed on our servers in the software directory. Data produced by UWBC will automatically be linked to your account and you are able to access your data through scp or ssh using an of our servers.
  • Advanced Support:   We provide advanced support for labs and departments that support BRC though a percent salary based model. Many labs can't hire full time bioinformatic staff, so we offer a means to share bioinformatics support and leverage the shared knowledge of the core.

Acknowledgement and authorship guideline
We kindly ask you to acknowledge any BRC contribution in your presentation and publication. Please consider granting authorship if you feel we have made an intellectual contribution to the work. We rely on public acknowledgments of our work when applying for funding.
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