Available Resources

Compute cluster
BRC provides software and hardware resources for data analysis. Investigators can acquire a BRC computer account to utilize these resources.

Linux Servers

High Performance Clusters: BRC maintains a computer cluster for high throughput data analysis. All of our analytic pipelines are run on the cluster. The cluster is not directly available to the end users.
Working with The Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC) , BRC helps users to set up and submit computing jobs to the campus Condor Cluster.

Free access servers: BRC provides three Linux servers (AGAR1, AGAR2, AGAR3) to researchers who wish to perform analysis themselves but do not have suitable hardware and IT resources. These servers can be used free of charge. Each server has Intel Xeon X5650 2.67GHz CPUs with 8 cores, 20 GB of RAM, and connected to the Isilon storage servers. Many bioinformatics tools are installed and maintained (see the software list for details). Reservations are required prior to access to these machines, and the access is restricted to the BRC computer lab workstations.

Remote access servers: BRC can host dedicated servers for research labs at cost. BRC servers are dedicated to a specific account group. Hosted servers allow for remote access from any location on campus or from off campus via VPN.

High Speed High Storage Cluster: Biotech center uses Isilon storage cluster with 400TB space for sequencing data access and storage. All sequencing data, user account data, and BRC's data analysis are stored on the Isilon storage servers. All free access and customized servers use the Isilon storage, eliminating the need to download and transfer data to a compute server.

Computer lab

The BRC computer lab is located in room 1260 of the Biotechnology Center. The computer lab contains three workstations which may be used to access the free access servers. Key card access is granted upon request to users with an active BRC account. We request that users reserve a server for the entire duration the server will be processing the data.


The BRC staff uses many common bioinformatic software packages. All BRC users have access to our software directory. Software programs are maintained as needed. Users may request updates and/or install additional software according to our policy.

Select list of available software

Server Rates

It is BRC policy to make all servers available at or below the cost of purchase and operation.