DNA Sequencing Facility: DNA Extraction

The DNA Sequencing Facility provides full-service DNA extraction services for whole blood, saliva, buccal swabs, plant tissue and mammal tissue on a rolling-submission, fee-for-service basis. The UWBC DNA Sequencing Facility can also work with researchers to extract DNA from tissues that may not be listed here. Please inquire about pricing for DNA sources not listed here.

Getting started

To discuss a project or acquire a quote, please contact Josh Hyman.  To submit a project please review our submission guidelines and extraction policies, fill out our submission form, and contact us to set up an account and coordinate sample delivery. All projects must be discussed before samples are submitted.


Note: non-UW users are charged a 53% surcharge above rates listed below.

Input Setup fee
Per Sample fee
Example Pricing

Buccal Swabs

Very fresh, bristle-style swabs generally yield the best results. Swabs must be clearly labeled.


Applied per set of up to 96 swabs.


$550.00  (~$5.73 per extraction)

96 buccal swabs.

Mammal Tissue

Up to 20-mg tissue in 96-well plates.


Applied to a single 96-well plate.


$548.00 (~$5.71 per extraction)

One 96-well plate of tissue.

Oragene Saliva Kits

Contents of clearly labeled Oragene collection vessel.


Applied per set of up to 192 collection vessles.


$853.00 (~$4.44 per extraction)

192 Oragene collection vessels.

Plant Tissue

1-cm leaf cutting, fresh or lyophilized, in 96-well Qiagen Collection Microtubes.

$725 (Applied per set of up to 96 samples.)

Applied per set of 97-192 samples.)

*Quantification and/or normalization not included


~$7.55 per extraction for one 96-well plate of tissue.

~$5.26 per extraction for two 96-well plates of tissue.

Whole Blood (Low-throughput)

Up to 10-mL whole blood in clearly labeled vials.


Applied per set of up to16 vials.


$386.00 (~$24.13 per extraction)

16 vials, whole blood (up to 10-mL).

Whole Blood (High-throughput)

 200-uL whole blood in clearly labeled phlebotomy or externally threaded tubes. 
Tubes with internal threads incur extra charge.

$755 (Applied per set of up to 96 vials.)

$1,075 (
Applied per set of 97-192 vials.)

*Quantification and/or normalization not included.


$899 (~$9.36 per extraction for 96)

$1,363 (~$7.10 per extraction for 192)

Fecal Samples

 0.25g fecal material.



Applied to a single 96-well plate, 12 samples minimum


$981.60 (~$10.22 per extraction)

1 96-well plate of fecal matter.

Policy Statement

Every effort is made to provide our users with the best data in a timely fashion for the advancement of their research. Costs and turnaround times for DNA extraction projects are dependent on the the specific type of tissue and the number of samples involved. These can be estimated for projects involving tissues for which we have already optimized DNA extraction protocols.  

All data and reagents distributed by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center DNA Sequence Facility are intended for research purposes only. They are not intended or certified for diagnostic or clinical use.

Acknowledging UWBC and the DNA Sequencing Facility

A visible measure of a core's impact is made through proper acknowledgement of usage in publications.  To acknowledge our core, please use the following statement: "The author(s) thank the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center DNA Sequencing Facility for providing ________ facilities and services”.