DNA Sequencing Facility Spring 2018 Update

New Policies and Submission Forms

The UWBC DNA Sequencing Facility has updated its Illumina sequencing policies and Illumina submission forms. The new policies are here. We would appreciate if you could take a moment to read through the policies and download the submission forms for use in all future submissions. The new submission forms are linked here:

New Services

In addition, we have new services available for the research community. The Pacific Biosciences Sequel is operating and consistently generating about 5 to 6Gb of data for 1 to 3kb fragments, less for longer fragments. The recent update to this system will provide higher quality sequence data from DNA fragments that are 10kb or smaller. Also, we will soon purchase the Oxford Nanopore GridION. The goal of this technology will be to generate 50kb or greater reads. While the quality of the reads on the GridION is not comparable to Illumina reads, the length allows us to determine genomic structure over long regions. These two technologies are currently being used to completely assemble smaller genomes. With the recent purchase of a high memory computer, we will be able to assemble large contigs for eukaryotic genomes.

10X Genomics scRNA Sequencing Services are now available in the Biotechnology Center through a collaborative effort between the Gene Expression Center, DNA Sequencing Facility, and the Bioinformatics Resource Core!  E-mail nextgen-seq@biotech.wisc.edu to set up your free scRNA consultation today!

Badger Connect at HSLC

Please visit UWBC’s booth at the Badger Connect May 3rd 3-7pm at HSLC School of Medicine and Public Health to learn more.