Invitrogen Supply Centers

University of Wisconsin

Biotechnology Center 2-221 and Babcock Hall 215

January 2008


General Instructions: You must have a valid external purchase order number to purchase products.  

Biotechnology Center Supply Center Hours: Open, as long as you can get into the Biotechnology Center .  

Babcock Supply Center Instructions and Hours: The key may be obtained in room 223. Supply Center hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.   Questions, call Ilenys Diaz at 263-2004.

Other questions and suggestions for inventory: Please contact your local Invitrogen Account Manager, Cindy Komro by voice mail at (800) 955-6288, extension 61441.   For FBS questions, contact George Strebel at extension 46939. 

For more information,

please contact your local Invitrogen Account Manager,

Cindy Komro, at (800) 955-6288, extension 61441

or FBS specialist George Strebel at extension 46939.