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Welcome to the new Promega ExpressSM online freezer program!

If you have already registered, click here to order from your freezer.

The Promega ExpressSM on-site freezer was created to help save you valuable time and money. This unique, web-linked system will streamline your research by offering you individually controlled access to a freezer filled with your most often-used Promega products.

To purchase reagents through this freezer, you will need to complete the following steps: 

Specify Your Freezer

New User
  1. Go to the Promega website and register.
  2. Fill in your profile information and, at the bottom of the page, in the 'Promega ExpressSM Site Code' field, enter 'uwmadison'.
  3. Within 24 hours of your registration, you'll receive an electronic pass which will give you access to your freezer.
Registered User
  1. Go to the Promega website and login.
  2. Go to 'Edit Profile' and enter 'uwmadison' in the Freezer Site field at the bottom of the page.
  3. Save your profile changes.

Choose Your Products

  1. Once logged in with the correct Freezer Site code, the left-hand navigation will display a link for your location. Click this link.
  2. The resulting page will display a list of the Promega ExpressSM freezers available at your location. Click the link of your freezer to see a complete list of current freezer inventory, along with stock levels and pricing.
  3. To add an item to your cart, simply click the 'Add' button. Modify quantity as needed.
  4. From the Shopping Cart, click 'Continue Freezer Shopping' to get back to your freezer list.

Proceed to Checkout

  1. When ready, press "Proceed to Checkout."
  2. You will be asked for your shipping and billing addresses and payment information. Though not applicable to a freezer order, providing a shipping address will help us serve you better should there be any problems with your freezer order.
  3. Upon submitting your order, and using your electronic pass key, you may go retrieve the products you ordered from your freezer.

We hope you’ll enjoy using our improved Promega ExpressSM freezer and benefit from the convenience and value it affords. Your feedback on this program is appreciated and we welcome you to let us know what you think by contacting your local Field Applications Specialist (FAS) or Promega’s Sales Staff at 1-800-356-9526, or by sending an e-mail to