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                     Genome Editing Fees 

    Important notes:
  • GEAM is happy to work with you to achieve your desired genome edit in any model. The fees listed below most directly apply to mouse and rat models, and only reflect the CRISPR/Cas9 design and reagent synthesis. Embryo microinjection fees also apply.
  • Fees listed below are typical fees for the vast majority of projects of these types. Please be aware that details of a specific project may necessitate an adjustment of the fee listed here.
  • Please note we cannot offer any guarantee to successfully recover your genome edited model. Before beginning work on your project, we will do our best to inform you of expectations given our experiences with similar projects. This information is only a best, empirical estimate, and not a guarantee of project performance.

I am in the University of Wisconsin system.
  • Gene knockout $
  • Small knock-in (amino acid, tag) $
  • Precise deletion $
  • Floxed allele $
  • Cell-free target validation (single target site) $
  • Reporter or Cre knock-in (donor synthesis not included) $
  • Consultation (per hour)  $

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