In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)


  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a form of assisted reproduction technology to recover lines from frozen sperm
  • IVF can be used to rescue lines that have stopped breeding. 
  • Please contact Kathy Krentz to discuss details.  If you plan to obtain frozen sperm from a repository, please have frozen samples shipped directly to Kathy.
  • IVF details:
  1. Oocytes: Labs need to provide 8-10 young (21-27 day old females) for superovulation. These can be colony raised or purchased through vendors. All females are delivered to the Biotechnology Center and GEAM will superovulate them.
  2. Fresh sperm: For lines that need rescuing, one male breeder (preferred) is delivered to GEAM on the morning of the IVF. GEAM will sacrifice him and assess sperm quality. If motility is >25%, sperm is used for IVF and excess cryopreserved if the lab requests.
  3. Frozen sperm: Sperm will be thawed via instructions from the repository. If the instructions suggest using media not typically used, GEAM will make the solution and charge the investigator ($110/hr). Frozen samples are thawed on the morning of the IVF. 

In Vitro Fertilization with Embryo Transfer Fees (mouse):                                            

 IVF + 1 transfer    $880
 IVF + 2 transfer    $970
 IVF + 3 transfer    $1060
Plus cost of 10 females for oocytes

Disclaimer: The success of the IVF is dependent on the mouse strain, sperm motility, sperm counts, post-thaw motility and egg quality.