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axon 4000B scanner


Molecular Devices Axon4000B Scanner

The Molecular Devices Axon4000B scanner features high speed simultaneous dual-channel scanning that elimates the post-capture image registration, avoids pixel shifting and increases acquistition speed (~10minute scan for two wavelengths at 5um resolution). 

The Axon4000B is used in conjuction with GenePix® Pro 6.1 software for the analysis and visualization of each scanned microarray.  The Axon4000B is available for analysis of custom designed and commercially available high-density microarrays.

Training is available for this instrument; if interested please contact the GEC.  Typically, the training takes about 0.5 - 1 hour and incurs the cost of our labor, $95/hr. The instrument currently has a fee for use of $13.00 per slide. The price listed here is for UW-Researchers only.  

Policy Statement

The equipment housed at the Wisconsin Biotechnology Center Gene Expression Center is intended for research purposes only. The equipment is not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use.