qPCR Services

Multiple levels of service are available to meet researcher needs.  Service options include:

  1. Independent access to the Bio-Rad CFX96 Real Time PCR system at $30 per plate (training cost of $95 per hour)
  2. A full service where the user provides the RNA or DNA and the Center will design and optimize the assay(s) as needed 
  3. User provides source material and primer/probes of interest and Center will perform assays as needed
  4. User submits a ready-to-go plate that is run by GEC staff on the instrument

Independent Access

A Real-Time PCR detection system is available for independent access once users have been satisfactorily trained by lab personnel.  Training cost is $95/hour.  Please contact the GEC to schedule training.


UW Rate
External Rate
User ready to go plate

Custom qPCR assay design service

The GEC follows the guidelines outlined in the MIQE Guidelines when designing qPCR experiments.  When RNA is being quantified, at least 2-3 normalization genes are recommended and all controls are run.  Quantification/detection of gDNA is also possible with the Bio-Rad CFX96 system and appropriate controls will be determined with the user. 

Both SybrGreen and probe based assays are available based on what is appropriate for the experiment.  High Melt Resolution dyes can be used with the Bio-Rad CFX96 to distinguish size differences in the qPCR product.

Due to the difficulty with primer/probe design and testing for sensitive qPCR assays, any assay requiring primer design will be given only an approximate cost and not a firm quote. The user will be charged the actual cost of assay design and will be kept fully informed at all steps of the assay design process.

Analysis of qPCR results can be done using either the software on the Real-Time PCR instrument or using the qBase Plus software. 

Policy Statement

All data and services provided by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center Gene Expression Center are intended for research purposes only. Services are not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use.

The Bio-Rad CFX96 is intended for research purposes only. The equipment is not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use.