The 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Assay combines microfluidics with molecular barcoding to provide digital 3’ mRNA quantification from thousands of individual single cells.  The Single Cell Gene Expression Assay is able to generate single cell transcriptomic measurements from up to 10,000 cells per cell suspension with ~65% capture rate efficiency enabling the identification of rare cell types from heterogeneous populations.  User provided single cell or single nuclei suspensions are loaded onto the Chromium platform to generate single cell/barcoded gel-bead emulsions from which Illumina-compatible library preps are generated and sequenced on the NovaSeq in collaboration with UWBC DNA Sequencing Facility followed by optional report generation and data visualization by the UWBC Bioinformatics Resource Center.

Additionally, 10x Genomics offers assays for single cell immune profiling (sc-V(D)J enrichment kit), single cell copy number variation profiling, single cell chromatin accessibility analysis (sc-ATAC-Seq, COMING SOON), de novo assembly, and genome or exome sequencing.

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10X Single Cell RNA Seq Services

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Policy Statement

All data and services provided by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center Gene Expression Center are intended for research purposes only. Services are not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use.