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University of Wisconsin–Madison
The UW Biotechnology Center is following University guidelines regarding COVID-19.

We understand how this disruption of service has impacted your research and we are continuing essential projects.

Subscribe to the Bioscience Events calendar

Email subscription

To receive an email version of the calendar on a weekly basis, join the bioscienceevents Google Group.  

How to Subscribe using your Office 365 Calendar

This is the best option for most UW-Madison users. The calendar will appear in all of your Office 365 clients and it will update periodically. There are three steps, as shown below. If you need further explanation or additional options read the Calendar Subscriptions section below.

Step 1:

Log into the Office 365 Outlook Web client and open the calendar.

Step 2:

Click the Add Calendar menu and select "From internet".

Office 365 add calendar step 1

Step 3:

Enter the link to the calendar ( and a name for the calendar as shown below. Don't forget to click "Save". That is all!

Office 365 add calendar step 2

Calendar subscriptions

The following iCalendar URL contains the events for the next three months. Don't click this link until you understand the difference between subscribing and importing events (explained below).

If you click this link or open it from your calendar you will import the events into your existing calendar. You will get a copy of the events but they will never update. This is fine if you are importing a single event but not recommended for a large calendar.

Instead, we recommend you subscribe using your UW Office 365 calendar as shown above.  The calendar should then appear in all of your Office 365 clients. It will track changes in the original calendar (though it may only update every 24 hours or so).

You can also subscribe using a Google calendar, iCloud calendar, etc. Just make sure you follow the instructions to subscribe rather than import.

Special calendars

Use  to only see events that take place in the Biotechnology Center.

We can create iCalendar URLs for specific rooms in our system. If you would like one to track the events in a room you are scheduling using the UWBC calendar, contact

As an example, the following URL only shows events in the UWBC Auditorium: