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University of Wisconsin–Madison

About the UWBC

We are open for business! We are happy to be back. During Phase 1, we will be operating at reduced capacity. We will make every effort to keep turnaround times short as we understand there are many projects that have been waiting. We appreciate your patience and business. The UW Biotechnology Center is following University guidelines regarding COVID-19.

UWBC Vision, Mission and Goals

The Vision Statement for UWBC, adopted at a center-wide retreat on 6/94, is:

"UWBC is Wisconsin's catalyst to advance biotechnology research, education and industry for the benefit of society and the environment."

The Mission, as refined during the UWBC's Strategic Planning process in 1991, is:

"The mission of the UW Biotechnology Center is to maximize the benefits of biotechnology to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin System, state and nation by being an excellent quality, comprehensive, multidisciplinary biotechnology center that supports, coordinates, disseminates and advances biotechnology."

The Goals, as refined and prioritized during the Strategic Planning process, are:

  1. To develop and provide excellent research tools and capabilities through our resource facilities.
  2. To provide the organization and environment necessary to accomplish UWBC mission and goals.
  3. To catalyze the formation of and participate in cross-disciplinary research programs campus-wide and with industry that use campus research strengths and facilities to solve practical problems of state and national importance.
  4. To secure funds for and aid campus units and others in obtaining support for biotechnology service, research, education, and training.
  5. To increase public awareness and understanding of biotechnology and its impacts.
  6. To inform the public about the resources, programs, and activities of UWBC and the university biotechnology community.
  7. To coordinate and participate in training activities for students and visiting scientists in biotechnology.
  8. To become a resource center for biotechnology information and education.
  9. To facilitate the process by which new research results are transferred to companies to stimulate economic development.
  10. To gain a broader perspective of biotechnology-related issues by stimulating interaction among the biotechnology disciplines.
  11. To work with Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation to increase UW patenting and licensing activities.
  12. To provide expertise for the formulation and evaluation of public policy!